I don’t suspect this page will get overburdened with titles, but I thought it would be helpful to put something up that would make it easy to find.

Here are the books I’ve worked on:

You can find the exercise file, errata and see a working version of the code here.

  • Macromedia Studio 8: Training from the SourceMacromedia Studio 8: Training From the Source – When Studio 8 was released I rewrote chapters 7-16 of this book. It was right when they released a CF installer for Mac OS X and I really wanted to get it into the book. The problem was getting the exercise files into the built-in database. They didn’t want to go with MySQL because it would complicate things. Now with great products like MAMP that is a snap. Thanks to the generous help of Simeon Bateman and Sean Corfield I was able to get it worked out in time.