Adobe Releases Dreamweaver, Fireworks & Soundbooth CS4 Betas, but…

Posted by Bob on May 27th, 2008 filed in Adobe, Dreamweaver, spry

If you pop over to Adobe Labs you will see that Adobe has released new versions of Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth for public testing.

I have not had time to look at the new Fireworks and Soundbooth versions, but I’ve been playing a lot with the new Dreamweaver. There is a lot there to like for both designers and developers. As a developer I particularly like the fact that when you open a file it pulls in all of the related/included files. One long-time request they are delivering on is Subversion integration. If you’ve been working with Spry and groaned when you had to generate your data as XML or JSON, you’ll be thrilled to learn you can now generate data sets from HTML tables. Very slick.

One quick warning about these betas. You should note when you check the box to agree to the terms of the download that it will open some text indicating that you have to have an appropriate license to a CS3 product (requirement varies according to which one you are downloading) in order to get a CS4 beta license key, otherwise your playtime with the product is limited to a 2-day grace period. But heck, even if you don’t have the CS3 license, download them and play with them just for the fun of it!

2 Responses to “Adobe Releases Dreamweaver, Fireworks & Soundbooth CS4 Betas, but…”

  1. Kozarski Lech Says:

    Hello from Greece. I have your new book (ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CS3 ASP,ColdFusion PHP) and the book is very easy and good.
    I live in Greece and when I make my PhP page for sent email I have problem with Greek character. (meesagewrite.php and messagesent.php) I see my page ok. When I have message without transfer data from messagesent.php greek character are OK. Can you sent me where I can find help for this problem. Thank you from Greece.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hey Lech,

    I’m not entirely clear where the problem is. Is it with the email message that is sent or the resulting web page? I’m afraid I am not very experienced with encodings other than utf-8. Whether this is a web page or the email message your challenge lies in communicating the correct character encoding to the application your target user is going to use to read the page or message. A quick search came up with the following sites. Perhaps they can help guide you. I am sorry I cannot be more help, but it’s just not my area and I don’t want to pretend otherwise.

    Best of luck,