Ed Sullivan Tribute Video

Posted by Bob on May 15th, 2008 filed in General

OK, so when I twittered about posting my video tribute to Ed Sullivan I got a little flack from Brian Rinaldi. First he didn’t know I had a blog. Can’t blame him. Next he commented on the, um, amount of activity on it. Fair enough. I’ve been, uh, busy. Yeah, that’s it. I’ve been busy.

Actually it really boils down to two things. First, I have simply not gotten into the mindset. It’s not a habit. I can’t say that will change immediately, but I’m working on it. Second, and this is closely tied to the first, is that I don’t know how much I have to share that will add to the public discourse. When it comes to technology there are just so many people who are so much better at what I do than I am. I read there stuff to try to learn and improve. My role is more that of an evangelist and facilitator. I try to have a higher-level view of many things, understand how they work together and then introduce people to those solutions when I consult on their business problems. Whether my experience in this area adds value to the public discourse remains to be seen.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE to code. I love to play with new technologies. I just have trouble finding the time to do it. I am trying to shed some outside projects and do a bit more learning. That is my professional resolution for 2008. My new boss seems to want me to be more of a code monkey than a manager. This may actually help facilitate my resolution. We’ll see.

One Response to “Ed Sullivan Tribute Video”

  1. MJ Says:

    That was wonderful!
    – Bravo!
    – I loved that!
    – Ah, that was great!
    – Well, it was pretty good.
    – Well, it wasn’t bad …
    – Uh, there were parts of it that weren’t very good though.
    – It could have been a lot better.
    – I didn’t really like it.
    – It was pretty terrible.
    – It was bad.
    – It was awful!
    – It was terrible!
    – Take ’em away!
    – Bah, boo!
    – Boo!